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TV, Radio & Podcast

Each week our team members take time to share educational information about the many aspects of retirement, on our weekly show, Retire Hour. Broadcast across Kansas and Missouri on a network of radio stations and Cox cable, Retire Hour provides an avenue for people to learn more about retirement.

The show is podcast, wherever you get your podcasts and on YouTube. Every week our Medicares advisors, CPA, financial advisor and estate planning attorney, give a complete look at retirement. Tune in weekly! Find more information about Retire Hour at

Recent Episodes

Inflation Is a Challenge - Plus Tax Torpedoes, Medicare, Tax, and Estate Help

Sep 16, 2023

Intro: 0:00 Financial Advisors: Inflation Insurgency - 0:21 Financial Advisors: Social Security Tax Torpedo - 7:43 Client Corner: Cause More Problems Than They Solve - 16:42 Medicare Advisor: Reset The Clock - 24:04 Eidelman Law Advisor: "Is A …

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401K Pros & Cons, the Sound of "Tax-Free," and Taking Medicare at Age 65

Sep 9, 2023

What is normal when it comes to financial advising? Do I need to move my 401K when I leave work? What are the pros & cons? Do I have to take Medicare at age 65? Intro: 0:00 Financial Advisors: What Is Normal? - 0:21 Financial Advisors: Love …

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Interest Rates Going Up, Don't Put Off Estate Planning, and The TCJA

Sep 2, 2023

The Retire Hour team discusses relevant news and retirement planning topics that give you what you need to retire better. Submit a question to to have it featured on air. This episode features helpful updates on estate planning, taxes …

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How To Change Financial Advisors, U.S. Bank Downgrades, And Tax Planning

Aug 26, 2023

The Retire Hour team talks about the recent bank downgrades, important news from around the global economy, plus Medicare, estate planning, and tax help. Intro: 0:00 Financial Advisors: Even More Bank Downgrades? - 0:21 Financial Advisors: When…

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Will The Recession Ever Come?! Plus Tax Planning & What To Do When Your Heir Overspends

Aug 19, 2023

We are back with our full panel of financial advisors once again discussing tax planning, retirement strategies, investment ideas, and what you should do with your estate if you heir spends, uh, creatively. Intro: 0:00 Financial Advisors: Will Th…

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