How It Works

Meeting with us is completely free. Our job is to take a look at your options, and walk you through 1-on-1 the coverage(s) available for you and the pricing. Our health insurance advisors do not work on commission. This is not a pressure-based sales meeting, rather one for you to be shown your options and to have a professional to discuss it with.

You can meet with us in-person in Wichita or Kansas City, or over the phone from anywhere in the United States. We can’t wait to meet you!


Downtown Wichita

Kansas City

95th & Nall KC

Northland KC

Independence, MO

Meet The Team

Mark Benefiel

Health Insurance Advisor

Cory Hiebert

Health Insurance Advisor

Trey Basa

Health Insurance Advisor

Taylor Bevan

Health Insurance Advisor

Graeson Benefiel

Health Insurance Advisor